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Тема уроку: Свята та традиції в Україні icon

Тема уроку: Свята та традиції в Україні

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НазваТема уроку: Свята та традиції в Україні
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Тема уроку: Свята та традиції в Україні

Traditions and holidays in Ukraine

Підручник: В.М. Плахотник, Р.Ю. Мартинова Англійська мова Підручник для 11 класу.- Київ/ Освіта, 2011

  1. Read and translate the text « Ukrainian Holidays ».

Ukrainian Holidays

New Year

New Year is celebrated on the eve of January 1. People spend the end of the old year and the beginning of the New Year celebrating with friends or relatives. It is the holiday of hopes and expectations. The main folk heroes of this holiday are Did Moroz (Father Frost) and his grand-daughter “Sniguron’ka” (The Snow Girl). People decorate the New Year tree, have parties and prepare presents for their relatives and friends. Traditionally when the clock strikes midnight, people open their champagne bottles, raise a toast, congratulate each other and say “Happy New Year!”.


Christmas is celebrated on January 7 according to the Gregorian calendar. It’s the day of ^ Jesus Christ’s birthday. Christmas is the most beloved holiday among Ukrainians and the family gathers for a holy supper of 12 symbolic dishes, the main of which is Kutya. Christmas Eve (or Svyata Vecherya) begins with the rise o the first star in the sky. On this day people also sing carols.

^ Old New Year’s Day

On January 13 people in Ukraine celebrate Old New Year’s Day. On Old New Year’s day people take “Diduh”(a wisp of oats), which stays in the house since Christmas, burn it out of doors and jump over it so that people are healthy. However, some people refuse to celebrate it.

^ St. Valentine’s Day

St. Valentine’s Day is a new holiday and Ukrainians began to celebrate it not long ago. It’s the day of people who are fallen in love with each other, a day when we give special cards with greetings and gifts to our sweethearts. Everyone tries to shows all her or his love to the beloved person. This traditional holiday came into Ukraine from the English-speaking countries. So it doesn’t differ much in celebrating from other countries.

^ Former Red Army Day

During the Soviet Union, this holiday was for all who had ever served in the military. It simply became a holiday for men. In this day women congratulate their male relatives and friends, especially fathers and husbands or boyfriend and make some presents to them. Women wish them to be strong, courageous and real defenders.

^ Women’s Day

On March 8 we celebrate Women’s Day. This date was introduced in 1910 as a day of the international solidarity of women in their struggle for economic, political and social equality. But nowadays it has lost its political content and became the day when men and boys congratulate women and thank them for everything they do and say good wishes.

^ April 1 Fool’s Day

April Fool’s day named from the custom of playing practical jokes is celebrated on April the 1st. It is the day when people play tricks with their friend. It is the day of laughing when everybody has fun.


Eater is the chief Christian feast. It is the holiday of Jesus Christ’s Resurrection. This holiday starts with people’s coming to the church. They go to churches for a festive church service. During the day people visit relatives and closest friends and present them with Easter basket, which contains Easter cake (“paskha”), Easter eggs(“pysanky”), ham, butter and some other products.

^ May 1 Labor Day

Labor Day is one of the spring holidays in Ukraine. Earlier it was one of the greatest holidays of the year – with colorful demonstrations and celebration of the workers. It was obligatory for everyone to visit parades and demonstrations. And nowadays people just have a day-off, they stay at home and rest.

^ May 9 Victory Day

The 9-th of May is a Victory Day, the holiday of victory over fascist invaders. It is a very important holiday for all the Ukrainians. While preparing for this day numerous monuments to are cleaned up. People lay flowers to the war memorials, to the tombs of the unknown soldiers and people who died in the war.

Kyiv Day

Kyiv Day is usually celebrated on the last weekend of May. During two days various concerts of famous singers, performances of popular actors and musicians are held on the main square of the city of Kyiv. Many people from other towns come to Kyiv to see all these, walk along nicely decorated streets and have a great time.

^ Holy Trinity Day

It is believed to be one of the greatest religious holidays next to Christmas and Easter and is celebrated on the fiftieth day after Easter. On this day people decorate their houses and apartments with greenery. People put branches at the window, doors, near icons and near gates, as they are believed to protect the house and family from illnesses and trouble.

^ Constitution Day

It is quite obvious that this holiday commemorates such an important for all the Ukrainians day as the adoption of the Ukrainian Constitution that took place on June 28, 1996. As this holiday is rather new there are no particular traditions of it’s celebrating.

Ivan Kupala’s Day

Ivan Kupala’s Day is celebrated on the eve of July 7. On this day girls make wreaths of flowers often lit with candles on rivers. The wreaths flow and show whom the girls would marry. On Ivan Kupala’s Day youths will jump over the flames of bonfires.

Independence Day

On August 24, 1991 the Verkhovna Rada adopted the decree “On Declaration of Independence of Ukraine”. And Ukraine became an independent state. Independence Day became the major national holiday as it commemorates the completion of a long and hard struggle of the Ukrainian people for its freedom. While celebrating Independence Day there are many festivals and military parades.

2) Work with vocabulary. Translate and learn all the detailed words in the text.

3) Think about traditions in Ukraine. Describe the celebrations of your favourite holiday.


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