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Тестове завдання з англійської мови для вступників у магістратуру університету факультету міжнародних відносин icon

Тестове завдання з англійської мови для вступників у магістратуру університету факультету міжнародних відносин

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НазваТестове завдання з англійської мови для вступників у магістратуру університету факультету міжнародних відносин
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Тестове завдання з англійської мови для вступників у магістратуру університету факультету міжнародних відносин.

Political Refugees – Economic Migrants.

1. Thousands of Ishmadic refugees are fleeing into neighbouring Anturia from a massacre being carried out by government forces on the civilian population. The bloodshed comes in retaliation for the support given to the rebels in the recent civil war.

2. Reliable reports speak of the exodus of eleven thousand people who are seeking refuge from the troops.

3. Vast areas in war-torn regions are now said to be depopulated, as the newcomers pour into Anturia at a rate of more than one thousand a day. Temporary shelters have been provided at border posts from which the exiles are transported to makeshift camps.

4. There they can wait for weeks before they are permanently resettled. The medical condition of the displaced is described as catastrophic and may result in many deaths due to starvation.

5. Refugees seeking political asylum in Mardonia claim they are persecuted in their homeland and refuse to be turned back.

6. Two hundred people, whose applications for asylum have been turned down, are now facing deportation to Agunda; only a handful were given official entry permits and permanent residence.

7. The Minister of the Interior is quoted as saying that the asylum-claimants are not genuine and their real motivation is economic.

8. Most of them tried entering the country with bogus papers.

9. Deportation orders have already been signed against the first fifty.

10. Human Rights organizations have called on immigration authorities to adopt a more lenient approach and hold the expulsion.

1. Choose the paragraph of the text corresponding to each statement:

1. Anturian soldiers are killing Ishmadic civilians. (…)

2. Refugee camps have inadequate facilities to deal with the number of exiles. (…)

3. Ishmad is a fully democratic country in which the opposition can operate legally. (…)

4. Fifty percent of the applicants for refugee status will stay in Mardonia. (…)

5. The decision to expel the Agundans is seen as a violation of human rights. (…)

^ 2. Choose the correct option to complete the sentence:

6. The general has repeated his commitment (…)

1. … to holding elections as soon as possible;

2. … to hold elections at the soonest period;

3. … in holding elections as soon as possible.

7. A number of people (…)

1. … has tried to receive visa without success;

2. … have tried to receive visa with no success;

3. … has been tried to receive visa with no success.

8. I have looked through only three articles (…)

1. … so long;

2. … as yet;

3. … so far.

9. Many of the current international problems we are now facing (…)

1. … are because of not understanding themselves;

2. … lacks of the intelligent capabilities of understanding each other;

3. … are the result of misunderstandings.

10. Manufacturers often sacrifice quality (…)

1. … for a larger profit margin;

2. … to gain more quantities of money;

3. … and instead earn a bigger amount of profit.

^ 3. Fill in the blanks with the proper grammar form:

11. Unless some extra money (…), the enterprise will close.

1. will be found; 2. is found; 3. are found.

12. The returning officer announced to the crowd that the Democratic candidate (…).

1. has won; 2. had won; 3. can win.

13. (…) by his colleagues, the Minister was forced to resign.

1. Abandoned; 2. Having being abandoned; 3. Abandoning.

14. I really think that apologizing is (…) you can do.

1. not as much as; 2. a little; 3. the least.

15. I would like to point out that you (…) pay your subscription until your membership application has been processed and approved.

1.must not; 2. can not; 3. need not.

^ 4. Find the Ukrainian equivalent for the word or phrase underlined:

16. Microeconomics is the study of individual consumers and the business firms.

1. споживчі індивіди; 2. окремі споживачі; 3. індивідуальні споживачі; 4. особи, що споживають; 5. покупці.

17. Private ownership gives people the incentive to use their property to produce things that will earn them a profit.

1. підказка; 2. допомога; 3. порада; 4. стимул; 5. можливість.

18. Diplomacy is the application of intelligence and tact to the conduct of official relations between the governments of different states.

1. застосування інтелігентності; 2. використання інтелігенції; 3. застосування розуму; 4. докладання зусиль; 5. поєднання розуму.

19. The treat of force may provoke resistance and finally lead to war.

1. викликати супротив; 2. спровокувати резистенцію; 3. спричинити несприйняття; 4. призвести до опору; 5. викликати занепокоєння.

20. For the first time in human history an international instrument laid down a list of fundamental human rights and freedoms that were binding for compliance worldwide.

1. необхідний; 2. важливий; 3. неминучий; 4. бажаний; 5. обов’язковий.

^ 5. Fill in the blanks with a proper word:

21. If agreement cannot be reached, a neutral third party may be called in to act as a(n) (…).

1. settler; 2. mediator; 3. diplomat; 4 intermediary; 5. interceptor.

22. The overwhelming majority was in favour of the treaty’s indefinite (…).

1. narrowing; 2. expansion; 3 extension; 4. broadening; 5. widening.

23. The description of the (…) of a 19th century diplomat by a “Roving English Gentleman” may seem farcical to us today.

1. qualifications; 2. credentials; 3. characteristics; 4. references; 5. documents.

24. There are such feelings of (…) between them that they will never reach an agreement.

1. antagonism; 2. abhorrence; 3. contradiction; 4. hostility; 5. opposition.

25. Whether or not the plan is a wise one is open to (…).

1. clash; 2. debate; 3. dispute; 4. quarrel; 5. tiff.


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