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International youth scientific conference \"Biospace\" within the framework of the science festival icon

International youth scientific conference "Biospace" within the framework of the science festival

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НазваInternational youth scientific conference "Biospace" within the framework of the science festival
Дата конвертації19.01.2013
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Ministry of Education and Science of Russian Federation

National Research Tomsk State University

Biological Institute of TSU

Council of young scientists of TSU

International youth scientific conference

"Biospace" within the framework of the science festival

Tomsk, September 20–22, 2012

The first information letter

Honorable colleagues!

Let us invite you to take part in The International Conference of Young Scholars "Biospace" within the framework of the science festival which will take place at National research Tomsk state university, September, 20-22, 2012.

The Conference Programme includes: seminars, lectures by leading Russian and foreign scientists, presentations by participants. The Conference is aimed (intended primarily for) to bachelor and master students, postgraduate students, young scientists and young lecturers.

One of the underexplored types of time and space is their biological variety. Living nature and corresponding biological form of motion of matter possesses unique, intrinsic to it time and space. Qualitative character of this kind of matter is specified by existence of metabolic process, self-development, autoregulation, and self-reproduction. In most common philosophical form, these characteristic features applying to living matter characterize its self-motion. Motion, as an essence of time and space, determines the character of these forms. The attempt to consider the biological space and time basing on their entities – self-spread and self-outgrowing – appears to be very interesting. Currently attention is paid to the problem of biological space. Among the first who characterized the term space were Y. A. Urmantsev и Y. P. Trusov: “Biological space is characterized by whole new space forms and structures, types of symmetry, impossible for consolidated crystallized substance, occurrence of rightism and leftism in living matter – at molecular and morphological level, should it seem, incompatible with Euclidean organism space structure, occurrence of curves and surfaces in symmetry of organisms, deep isolation of the organisms space from the environment and growth”.

In the framework of the conference are invited for participation researchers in following fields: general and molecular biology, zoology, botany, hydrobiology and ichthyology, general genetics, evolutionary biology, developmental biology, ecology of biological systems, soil science, human ecology, microbiology and virology, biochemistry and biophysics, cell biology, urban, geology, geography and hydrology, biogeography, geo-ecology and natural resources, landscape, sustainable forest management and sustainable forest management, climatology, and other related disciplines.

Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation in the framework of federal special-purpose programme “Academic and scientific-academic staff of innovative Russia” in 2009-2013 initiated and supported the implementation of the International youth scientific conference "Biospace" at National research Tomsk state university within the framework of the science festival.

The goal of the project is the effective assimilation of the best scientific and methodological native and foreign achievements in the field of biology, geology, geography, ecology and natural resource management.


Participation call sent out 21.08.2012

Reception of registration forms 28.08–18.09.2012

Papers accepted for publication 28.08–18.09.2012

Newsletter for participants sent out 05.09.2012

Final version of the conference program sent out 19.09.2012

Check-in and registration of participants 19.09.2012

Conference opening days 20.09.2012

Conference operation 20–22.09.2012

Check-out of conference participants 22–23.09.2012

Scientific directions of the conference

  1. Approaches, methods and analysis of biospace;

  2. Fundamental problems in the study of biospace;

  3. Applied aspects of research of biospace.


All necessary information of the conference can be found at http://bio-eng.festival.tsu.ru.

To participate in the conference pass web-registration by filling the form at http://bio-eng.festival.tsu.ru. After registration (authorization) the participant gets the access to his personal account.

Intramural and extramural participation is available.

Working languages of the conference: Russian, English.


The files are to be created in MS Word. The title of the file must contain the last name and initials of the author (Petrov E.E.).

The margins: left – 1.8 sm.; top, bottoms – 2.6 sm.

The font for the whole text – Times New Roman, font size – 10 pt., line spacing – single line.

Title: center alignment, no indention, no hyphenation.

Title text: upper case, boldface, font.

Author’s last, first name, patronymic and affiliations: lower case, regular font.

Main body: justify alignment, indention – 0.5 sm., automatic hyphenation.

Title, author’s details and the main body of the text shall be spaced with a single line.

References shall be placed after the text.

At the end of the text the paper title, author’s name and affiliations shall be given in English. The amount of pages is unlimited. The papers shall not include tables, graphs, pictures or references to literature.

Up to two papers are accepted from one author. After the conference is finished, the papers will be collected and made available at the conference website


Preserve biodiversity in the natural complex

I.I. Ivanov1, P.P. Petrov2

(1) Institute of Nature Management Siberia SO RAN (Tomsk), Ivan@tomsk.ru
(2) Forestry University, Tomsk (Tomsk), Petr@tomske.ru

Literature review on the biodiversity found that this issue is insufficient attention [1, 2].


1. Chanyshev IO, Mukatanov AH, Kieran RS Optimization of agricultural land in the Republic of Bashkortostan, Moscow: Nauka, 2008. 320 s.
2. Management technology in the XX century. [Electronic resource]: Public Management Journal. 2008. Number 5. P.18-20. URL: http://www.menagement.ru/view/535/151


634050, Russia, Tomsk, Lenin Prospekt, 36, office 139, Tomsk State University, Institute of biology,

Phone/fax: 8 (3822) 52-98-53

General questions and questions on registration address to:
Cell phone: 8-960-971-62-06 (A. G. Myasnikov - executive secretary of the conference)

Phone/fax: 8(3822)529-794 (Alexander A. Kuznetsov)

Questions on the work of the web-site:

Cell phone: 89138867878 (Anastasia V. Portasenok)
E-mail: bioprostranstvo@mail.ru marked «Bio 2012"
Information about the conference, please visit: http://bio.festival.tsu.ru
Information about hotels in Tomsk - http://www.otels.ru/1004.htm


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