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Дата конвертації02.03.2013
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До 355 річниці міста Харкова команди 7-8 класів, 9 класу та 11 класів узяли участь у конкурсі зі знання історії, архітектури, культури Харкова та відомих харків’ян.

Читати далі англійською

This year our city is celebrating its 355th anniversary and the teachers of our school decided to extend the pupils’ knowledge of their native city. So on March, 17th we had a competition dedicated to this date.

Three teams had to take part in the game- the pupils of the 11th, the 9th and the team of the7th

8th forms. They had to answer the questions on 3 topics – the history of Kharkov, its architecture and culture and the famous people whose life was connected with our city. The teams had to choose its name, think of its motto and the emblem…

The results of the game were the following:

  • the best motto had the team of the 9th form (“There is no city like Kharkov.

We and Kharkov are the best!”)

  • the team of the 7-8th forms showed the best presentation about our city

(author – Bogdan Konovalov)

But the experience of life had its effect – the team of the 11th forms got the 1st prize.

We asked some pupils who took part in the game to give their opinion about the event. Here are some of them.

“I could show the knowledge of my native city and learnt a lot about Kharkov and Kharkovites” (Helen Pilipenko, 9-A)

“I think the game was useful for us…” (Inna Vashkevich, 11-A)

“In my opinion the game was not bad for teenagers but I think more teams should take part in it” (Masha Kulik, 11-A)

“I like this game because it was interesting and was held in a friendly atmosphere. We won the third place… But we were given a prize - we got apples!!! Yumi- yummy!” (Ksusha Mikitas, 9-A)

“I didn’t like the presents. Can’t they present us a Bentley? “(Nastya Bondarenko, 8- A)

“No comments, it was fun!!!” (Vlad Shevchenko, 11-A)

As you see, how many people so much and opinions.


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