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The present progressive tense

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НазваThe present progressive tense
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1.Make Participle I.

Come, have, open, do, swim, run, close, look, read, stop, type, eat, feed, sting, see, tie.

2.Put the verb in the right form:

  • Tom … (play) football with his friends.

  • Look! Ann and Kate … (swim) across the river.

  • That elderly man on the bench …(read) a newspaper.

  • I know that you …(watch) TV now.

  • I …(write) a test at the moment.

3.Continue in the negative:

  1. Mother is talking on the phone.(sleep)

  2. John is standing.(lie down)

  3. Father is shaving.(wash)

  4. The boys are playing.(fight)

  5. They are speaking.(shout)

  6. Mary is running.(walk)

4.Put the questions to the sentences:

  1. The water level is rising very fast.(General)

  2. I am having breakfast now.(Tag)

  3. He is hurrying to work.(Where?)

  4. She is wearing her fur coat today.(What?)

  5. You are making a lot of noise.(Who?)

  6. We are running to catch our bus.(Alternative)

5.Correct the mistakes:

  1. Who is you lookking at? – I is lookking on these old woman.

  2. With whom your friend is speaking?

  3. About what you are saying to your friends?

  4. You are writting now a dictation? – No, I’m.

  5. This students doing a exercise or copying a text?

  6. I’m believing in ghosts, amn’t I?

  7. She is loving you, aren’t she?

6.Translate the jokes.

Капитан корабля кричит своим матросам: «Кто внизу?» «Это я, Билли, сэр,» – отвечает один. «Что ты там делаешь, Билли?» «Я ничего не делаю, сэр». «А Том там?» «Да, сэр». «А что ты там делаешь, Том?» «Я помогаю Билли, сэр».

-Почему ты идёшь под зонтом?(carry an umbrella). Ты думаешь, идёт дождь?


-Но солнце тоже не печёт.(shine)


-Тогда почему же ты идёшь под зонтом?

-Видите ли, когда идет дождь, папа берёт зонт; когда печёт солнце, мама хочет использовать его. Сейчас единственный случай (the only time), когда я могу использовать зонт.


2.Listen to the dialogue, put it down.

3.Make up your own dialogue using Present Simple and Present Progressive and act it in pairs. (no less than 10 phrases from each side).


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